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Unafraid to speak truth to power. 
—Susanna Barkataki
A portal to the power of the  wisdom goddesses that lie within each of us.
—Tracee Stanley
Beautifully reveals how a woman can experience her own deep power, beauty, and wisdom.
—Sally Kempton
Thank you, Acharya, for this potent gift.
—Valarie Kaur
A revolutionary guidebook for living truthfully, compassionately, and fully.
—Yogacharya Ellen Grace O’Brian
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"Acharya Shunya's Newest Book is an Enlightening and Empathetic Guide to Finding One’s Inner Strength."
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"Shunya’s writing reflects her teaching/speaking style. She retells key traditional stories, analyzing them creatively and insightfully, while connecting them to history, social movements."
A much-needed clarion call for every woman (and man).
—Richard Miller

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If you are ready to ROAR with freedom and dharma, then this book shall show you how like the ‘goddesses Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswati, you too can lead  a  liberated life, in the here and now!



My name is Acharya Shunya

I am Vedic spiritual teacher and a full time Katha Vachak, which means, I am a traditional teller of ancient goddess stories from India. These stories are unusual almost magical. These are really awakening stories that usffuse the listener and readers of these stories with bold power, unapologetic prosperity and lasting inner peace! In my newest book, Roar Like A Goddess, I share these same stories with the world. I hope you read my book, because when you do, my storytelling  will awaken within you your Goddess like Higher Self. You shall feel empowered and begin to Roar like a Goddess: Own your truth, Voice and Dharma, from within! If you read Roar Like A Goddess, or listen to the audio book (with additional passages not in the book), I know my words and voice shall potentiate your latent divine feminine capacities to rise against challenges, unearth buried creativity, and restore emotional resilience, including enhanced self-worth, inner peace and happiness.


This book may reach you at a time, when you  may be feeling small, invisible, frightened, or estranged from your own true feminine power.  Once, I too was emotionally suffocating inside a disempowering story of an arranged marriage in India. I found the courage to exit it, but the struggles did not end. 

No matter where I lived and who I encountered (old-fashioned or contemporary), I, like so many other modern, educated and accomplished women on our planet, still had to face outer inequality and inner challenges due to subconsciously internalized, self-diminishing beliefs. 

The positive news: I did not remain trapped in those beliefs too long—thanks to empowering goddess stories that pertain to the Vedic Goddesses, whose legends reveal them to be leading bold, unapologetic, radically self-respecting, self-accepting, fearless, prosperous, sensual, and truly remarkable feminine lives. 

This book ROAR will restore your power too!
I am confident of that.


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"Acharya Shunya's Newest Book is an Enlightening and Empathetic Guide to Finding One’s Inner Strength."
"Shunya’s writing reflects her teaching/speaking style. She retells key traditional stories, analyzing them creatively and insightfully, while connecting them to history, social movements."
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Original art from the book © 2022 Ekabhumi Charles Ellik. 

Part 1 of my book features the Goddess Durga—A role model who vanquishes internalized oppression. Durga stories shall teach you how to take back your full feminine power and roar with conviction and self-sourced approval and esteem!

Part 2 of my book introduces the Goddess Lakshmi—Known for her beauty and generous spirit, her stories shall guide you to cultivate unshakable inner contentment and soul-aligned abundance.

Part 3 of my book celebrates the Goddess Saraswati—The ultimate teacher of our deepest journey to Self, Saraswati illuminates the gifts of wisdom, peace, and inner freedom by owning our authentic voice and desires.

What do ancient Hindu goddesses have to do with feminism? What can we learn about the divine feminine within us all from the Vedic texts? 
While Hindu mythology has long been told and retold through patriarchal framing, Acharya Shunya, the first female lineage-holder in her Vedic/Hindu tradition, defies the patriarchy of her culture and offers a revolutionary perspective that brings fresh depth to archetypal stories. This perspective allows for the interweaving of timely feminist issues, such as MeToo, intersectionality/social justice, righteous anger, and pleasure. 

How and what can we learn, for example, from the Durga archetype about authentic communication? What do Lakshmi’s stories teach us about non monogamous and non-heteronormative sexual pursuits? You haven’t heard popular Hindu mythology contextualized like this. 

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What Experts Are Saying

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Rachael Wooten, PhD

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“What Acharya Shunya has accomplished in this book is nothing short of a reinterpretation of the Hindu..."  Read more

Rev. Dr. John R. Mabry

Valarie Kaur.jpeg

“In this modern compendium of ancient Hindu goddess mythology, Archarya Shunya teaches us how to..."  Read more



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“Tuning into the archetypal and symbolic energies of Durga, Lakshmi, and Saraswati offers us a way to embody..."  Read more



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“Roar Like a Goddess is a much-needed clarion call for every woman (and man) to stand up and exclaim..."  Read more

Richard Miller,


Meghan Don.jpeg

 “Roar Like a Goddess is my favorite kind of mythological book, as it demands the contemporary reinterpr..."  Read more

Rev. Meghan


Vera de La Chalambert.jpeg

“Roar like a Goddess is radical permission to embrace our holy wrath, highest pleasure, and deepest aut..."  Read more

Vera de La Chalambert

Sally Kempton.jpeg

“One of the gifts we receive from the Indian tradition is the recognition of the divine feminine as Shakti, the nondual..."  Read more



Yogacharya Ellen Grace O’Brian.jpeg

“Roar Like a Goddess is not a book about the Goddess; it is the voice of the Goddess, bold and clear..."  Read more

Yogacharya Ellen Grace O’Brian

Tracee Stanley.jpeg

“Roar Like a Goddess is a portal to the power of the three wisdom goddesses that lie within each of us..."  Read more



Somanjana Chatterjee.jpeg

“Roar Like a Goddess is one of the most introspective, thought-provoking works in the true spirit of..."  Read more

Somanjana Chatterjee


Hone Your Roaring Skills
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Take Goddess Roaring Workshops

Through this series of three-workshops presented by Acharya Shunya,  you will confidently begin to unleash goddess-like strength and wisdom buried within your very being. You will learn to honor yourself more and more every day, enjoy improved relationships, become more in tune with your propensity to create wealth and enjoy abundance, and even jumpstart your health and wellbeing through a renewed communion with your inner goddess. 

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Grow Your Roar
Honor The Goddess Within


Acharya Shunya invites you to deepen your connection with her goddess teachings.


By signing up for this self-paced "Honor the Goddess within' course that includes  over 30 hours of sacred goddess storytelling, goddess symbolism, yogic practices, somatic processes, meditations, mantra, and deep transmissions by Acharya Shunya, you will invoke 9 goddess archetypes in your life.  You shall enjoy clear guidance and practical “how-to’s” that support your journey as you heal your psyche to reveal and honor your inner divine goddess nature from within  Acharya Shunya considers 'Honor the Goddess Within' to be her most subtle and profound goddess teachings. By taking this online course, readers of 'Roar Like A Goddess'  are continuing to deepen their connection with goddesses Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswati (and their nine more subtle archetypes),  rewatching again and again, integrating their wisdom into their everyday lives. 

Honor Your Inner Goddess!

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